Our Values

Every time you buy or share a product from a brand, you are indirectly advocating for what that brand stands for.

More than anything else, we want you to be our client and our advocate. So, it is very important, that you can get to know us better. Here, we share our values with you.


The world and the society are evolving every day, there is always room to learn a little bit more. If we are not curious and don’t strive for something new, how can we keep up with the times?
We are committed to responsible environmental impact, and want you to be part of it too! Everything we do is handmade, we work with the best Portuguese artisans. Our goal is to provide the highest quality at an ethical and fair price.


We believe in the power of personal narrative. Everyone has its own view, perspective, its own story and we want you to be a part of it as you wear our products. With our actions, we are trying to make a small, but meaningful impact in our world!


Wear it as You are

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