About us


Hi, welcome to Venus has a Garden!


Here, everything starts with you!

We believe in thoughtful design, enabling conversation and sharing stories. We want every customer to feel important. Together we are bringing your experiences, your stories and your thoughts to our products.

We make everything in our studio, in Portugal, by hand. We produce locally, pack and prepare every single piece with love, for it to be as special as you are! We sincerely hope you enjoy!

We are committed to responsible environmental impact. Acknowledgment and progress is part of our process for thinking, designing and creating new things. In order to empower local businesses, we work with the best Portuguese artisans. Our policy is to provide the highest quality at an ethical and fair price.

Supporting our community and protecting the environment is at our core values. For us, being sustainable is a goal and an everyday mission. For this, we try to support our options and actions on balancing our financial capacities, with the social and cultural situation around us, always trying to have a conscious presence on the environment.

When you buy one of our products, we plant a tree. And by acknowledging all the challenges of our surroundings, we also donate 1€, per every product sold, for a social cause. We believe that change comes with effort and collaborative work, so we want you to be a part of this.


Together we can try to have a small, but meaningful impact in the world!

Wear it as You are

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