Love Yourself First Collection

Every piece was thought and designed carefully in order to show the beauty of women. “Love Yourself First” is about the freedom of self-love, authenticity and personal growth.


To Love

I want to love, love with abandon!
To love for love’s sake: here, there,
this one, that one, another, and everyone.
To make love, to be in love, and to love no one.

To remember? To Forget? Makes no difference.
To hold on or let go? Neither bad nor good.
But to say you can love one your entire life,
is a lie.

There is one Spring in each life:
You must sing it like Spring, floridly,
For if God gave us voice, it was to sing!

And if one day I must be dust, ashes, and nothing
let my night be a dawn,
let me know how to lose myself . . . to find myself . . .


Florbela Espanca, “Amar”, Charneca em Flor.

Translation: 2015, Richard Zenith